- Patsy

"If I wrote down my true feelings about Dr. P and his staff, it would be over-the-top-unbelievable. This is why I've put this testimonial off until now.

The simple unadulterated truth is that by the time I was referred to Dr. P, I had lost all hope. I had NONE. All the dental professionals I'd seen for 10 years gave up on me.

He changed my life. See? I told you it would sound exaggerated. My dentures fit perfectly and are beautiful - the best part, however is I can chew. You can't appreciate chewing until you can't. We all assume we'll keep our own teeth-and our health-but surprise!!!

Getting old is hard but the teeth issue carries an emotional burden with it that magnifies the depressive state which accompanies aging.

If I were really, really rich, I would rent billboards all over the State extolling the wonders of Dr. Pogoncheff and staff. I cannot say enough."

"Dr. P was better than I could have hoped. I had already had similar work done before but it wasn't quite right. Dr. P knew exactly what I was looking for and gave me realistic options. His staff was excellent to work with and everything turned out amazing! I have even referred a friend his way!"

- Dani and Cate

- Ken R

"When I found out I had to have my teeth removed and replaced with dentures, I was not happy. Now that I have my new teeth, I cannot wait to have my first steak!"