Traditional Removable Dentures

Denture Pros:

Traditional dentures are a cost-effective option for replacing missing teeth.

Denture Considerations:

It can take some time to adjust to dentures. Traditional dentures sit on top of your gums and rely on suction to stay in place. For this reason, dentures can shift in your mouth. Many patients have trouble getting use to their dentures for this very reason. A lot of factors determine if you will have a satisfying outcome with dentures, including your overall health. For example, do you take a lot of medications? This can dry out your mouth and cause an otherwise good fitting denture to fit poorly. Dry mouth is one of the biggest risks for having trouble with dentures, even if your denture is well made. There are some things that can be done to improve the likelihood of denture satisfaction. The two best solutions are denture adhesive and dental implants. Denture adhesive is an inexpensive solution, but has its own set of side effects. Too much adhesive can actually cause a denture to become looser. Make sure to only use a few pea-sized drops. Dental implants are the best solution to improve the fit of dentures. Dental implants are used to replace missing roots. Four to eight implants can be placed in your jaw and snaps can be placed on your implants. The dentures can then snap onto your implants. Dental implants can give you the confidence with dentures that many people are missing.

Process for Getting your Denture:

The process to replace a whole arch or an entire mouth worth of teeth is not something to be taken lightly. There are a few steps required to make a good set of dentures, and a properly fitting and good looking denture needs more than one appointment. At Advanced Dental Solutions, we carefully attend to every step and guide you through the process. We take an impression of your gums and record how you bite together and determine the position of your teeth. We also make a set of try-in teeth so you get a preview of how everything looks and we can make adjustments if needed. We deliver the denture to you and keep a digital file of the denture so that if anything happens to your denture (for example, you lose it or your dog chews it) we won't have to start the process from the beginning for a new one.

Tips on How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy with Dentures:

Partial and complete dentures need to be cleaned every day otherwise plaque and tartar can build up on them and cause stains, bad breath and gum problems. Dentures can be removed for cleaning and a variety of special denture cleaners are available over-the-counter. It is recommended you massage your gums when your dentures are removed to keep your gums healthy.


  • Brush your dentures with a soft denture brush at least two times per day
  • Soak your denture with a denture cleaning tablet for at least thirty minutes per day
  • Keep your denture in water when not in your mouth
  • Take your denture out of your mouth when you sleep; You have a high risk of fungal infections if left in 24 hours
  • Use adhesive in moderation; too much adhesive can make your denture looser


  • Let your denture dry out; It can warp or crack
  • Use bleach; It is too harsh and will wear out dentures
  • Use baking soda; It is too harsh and will wear out dentures
  • Boil dentures; heat will break down plastics
  • Let your pets near the dentures; Dogs love to chew them